Has Your Social Security Disability Benefits Application Been Denied?

The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews a few million initial claims for benefits submitted by disabled workers each year. A high percentage - consistently well more than half - are rejected for medical or technical reasons. So, if you were shocked to receive a letter denying you the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits you believe you are entitled to, you are far from alone. But what should you do next?

Don't Give Up On Receiving SSDI · Contact A Knowledgeable Lawyer Now

I know that the pressure on you to obtain income to pay bills and basic living expenses may be intense. The sense that you have been "weeded out" without real consideration of your medical condition and the reasons you cannot work any longer is frustrating. I am Ryan Allen, an attorney based in North Little Rock, Arkansas, who will take a hard look at your Social Security Disability case and put my knowledge of this complex system to work for you.

Hiring a qualified Social Security Disability lawyer can make a critical difference in your claim's success upon reconsideration or in a hearing before a judge. You can turn to me with confidence for:

  • Prompt action to meet a strict filing deadline for reconsideration, so that you do not have to start the process from scratch
  • Analysis of your denial letter and other documentation to determine the strategies and tactics best suited to your individual disability case
  • Insight into how to strengthen the medical and vocational evidence needed to win approval of your SSD benefits claim

Although appearing before a judge is an intimidating prospect, I will help you fully prepare for your hearing if that is what your case demands. As a lawyer with extensive experience in trial courts, I see the opportunity to present witnesses and new evidence as a golden opportunity.

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SSD claim denied? Let's talk through your options as soon as possible. Although the road ahead will be challenging, there is no upfront cost or financial risk involved. Simply call or email me anytime, 24/7, for the honest answers and determined advocacy you need. My firm has ready access to interpreters for Spanish-speaking clients.