Learn Your Rights After Any Serious Fall On Dangerous Property

Did your visit to a store or restaurant turn into a nightmare when you slipped on a wet floor? Did you trip and fall over a hazard you could not avoid? You may have known immediately that you were badly hurt - or discovered soon afterward that your injuries are serious. In either case, you should notify the owner or manager, get witnesses' contact information if possible and call a personal injury lawyer. There is no time to lose.

Your Slip-And-Fall Injury Case May Be Well Worth Pursuing

Owning and operating a commercial establishment in Arkansas comes with a responsibility to keep that property safe for those who visit lawfully. I am Ryan Allen, an injury claims attorney based in North Little Rock who will take your potential premises liability claim seriously and provide the honest, straightforward legal guidance you need.

I know from extensive experience that the burden of proof is heavy for a slip-and-fall accident victim's lawyer. Your case may be valuable, however, and I will take the steps necessary to find out. Key considerations may include:

  • Whether the property owner knew or should have known about the condition that caused your fall - a wet floor due to a spill or leaky air conditioning, for example
  • If the injuries you suffered will require surgery or ongoing medical treatment, prevent you from working or have other severe consequences
  • What evidence and testimony I can recover and bring forward in building your personal injury case for effective negotiation or trial

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Every client who turns to The Law Offices of Ryan Allen benefits from engaged, individual attention. Recognizing how difficult it can be to recover from a head injury, back injury, broken bones or other consequences of a fall, I will make your case a priority and seek every dollar available to help you and your family.

Your top priority beyond seeking the medical attention you need is to get me involved now. I handle premises liability claims and all other personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means you will pay no attorney fees if you do not receive financial compensation. I will travel to visit you when needed, and I will gladly bring in an interpreter if you communicate best in Spanish or another language.