Child Custody 101: What Is In Your Child’s Best Interests?

When there are children involved in your divorce, you need to consider their well-being at every step of the legal process. The Law Offices of Ryan Allen is committed to not only protecting your rights as a parent, but ensuring your children are in the best position to grow and thrive in the years following your divorce.

Whether you are working on a collaborative agreement or are pleading your case before a family court judge, keep in mind what is best for your child in each of these aspects of your divorce.

  • Joint vs. sole custody: When determining child custody and visitation rights, the courts always make decisions based on the child's best interests. Family law judges today are in general agreement that sole custody is often not in the child's best interests, and that, including both parents in the child's development is critical to their well-being.
  • Child support and alimony: The same "best interests" rule applies to child support. While both child support and alimony payments are made with each parent's financial capabilities in mind, they are looked at with even more scrutiny when a child's well-being is at stake.
  • Paternity: Establishing paternity is critical to holding the father responsible for the child, emotionally and financially. Alternatively, as a father, you may not be able to exercise your parental rights without first establishing yourself as the biological father.

In addition to these tips, be sure to take action with a family law attorney early. Whether you are filing for divorce or filing an answer in Arkansas, you need to act quickly to make sure the best interests of your children are protected from Day 1.

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