What Types Of Post-Conviction Relief Are Available To You?

When your trial is over and you are convicted of a crime, all hope is not lost. With help from a post-conviction attorney, you could reduce your penalties or eliminate your conviction entirely. Arkansas residents typically have four possible remedies after they have been convicted of a crime:

  • Habeas corpus: If the law has changed since your conviction, or new evidence has been uncovered, you may file a writ of habeas corpus. Depending on the change in circumstance, your sentence may be altered.
  • Rule 37: If you believe your criminal defense attorney was inadequate during your trial, and you would have been found not guilty if you had effective representation, you could file a Rule 37 petition under Arkansas law. If it is approved, you may be granted a retrial.
  • Clemency: Clemency effectively means mercy. While a petition for clemency won't take the conviction off your record, you could receive a sentence modification.
  • Pardons: A pardon is similar to clemency, but does much more. Pardons essentially eliminate the conviction and all its penalties completely. It is the ideal scenario, but also the most difficult to receive.

The Law Offices of Ryan Allen is a proven criminal defense law firm, and we also support those who have been convicted of crimes due to poor representation in the past. If you have already been convicted, don't give up. We can help you find post-conviction relief, and get you a fair outcome yet.

Post-Conviction Relief Vs. Criminal Appeals In Arkansas

Our firm handles both post-conviction petitions and criminal appeals in North Little Rock and the surrounding areas. Both of these are options for you after you have been convicted, but they are used for different reasons.

Criminal appeals are done when you believe there has been an error in your trial. It does not grant you a redo necessarily, but rather corrects what was an unfair or improper trial.

The forms of post-conviction relief listed above don't dispute the validity of the trial. Instead, they either ask for mercy, relief or a full retrial depending on the circumstances.

With The Law Offices of Ryan Allen, you get access to a criminal lawyer who has extensive experience with both of these systems. With a free consultation, we can evaluate your case and determine the best path forward to protect your rights. Don't delay — call 501-313-1748 to set up your appointment, or reach out online to get started.