Representing Clients Through Civil And Criminal Appeals

Even after your trial has come to an end, you may feel the legal system got it wrong. The appeals system exists for you to dispute the results or methodology of your trial, and ensure that your rights were adequately protected. However, not every lawyer is knowledgeable with the civil or criminal appeals process.

The Law Offices of Ryan Allen is well-versed in the complexities of appellate law. Whether you are facing criminal, family or civil matters, we implement a personalized and detail-oriented approach to get you the results you deserve in appellate courts.

Make Sure Your Rights Are Protected

We have a record of success in criminal and civil appeals. When you feel as though your rights were infringed upon, you had an unfair trial or the courts made a critical legal error in your case, we bring a level of tenacity you may not find at other Arkansas firms. While many people may accept their fate after the trial is over, we won't rest until we are sure you receive a fair outcome.

By Your Side Until The Very End

When you consult The Law Offices of Ryan Allen, you aren't passed to a paralegal or associate. You have direct access to a dedicated advocate from Day 1.

You start with a free initial consultation with an experienced trial attorney, who will walk you through the details of your case step by step. Should an appeal be necessary, we take your case very seriously, and educate you as to how to best prepare yourself for the appellate process.

Get started by calling our office in North Little Rock at 501-313-1748, or send us an email to make an appointment.